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Past Does Matter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Past Does Matter - Essay Example The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin can be considered as a most significant fortune not just for the American culture of this century yet in addition for a long time into the future. The author gives diverse understanding of the idea of accomplishment in this work. The creator is one of America’s establishing fathers however he is certainly not a conceived pioneer. He has achieved accomplishment of such a size by dint of his difficult work and quality of character, â€Å"having rose up out of neediness and obscurity† (Franklin 3). His example of overcoming adversity is an adventure of unending difficult work and commitment by which Franklin has had the option to ascend from humble beginnings to an incredibly famous pioneer and the more youthful ages of this country can draw a great deal of motivation from his model life. Despite the fact that naturally introduced to the helpless group of a light creator, Franklin had an energy for perusing and composing directly from the beginning times of his life. His unabated get-up-and-go made him read every single book he could lay his hands on, with the expectation of turning into an author. His family didn't have the assets to manage the cost of legitimate instruction for their youngsters. Be that as it may, this didn't soak his spirits and he turned into a self educated man. He started composing secretly at fourteen years old since he was certain that his sibling would not distribute him in his recently begun paper.

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5 Study Secrets to Ace Your Exams

5 Study Secrets to Ace Your Exams Most understudies abhor tests. They abhor the sentiment of attempting to recollect the response to an inquiry, stressing that they concentrated on an inappropriate material, and standing by to get their outcomes. Regardless of whether you learn at a customary school or study from the solace of your own home, odds are you’ll need to endure many test-taking encounters. In any case, there are a couple of deceives you can adapt now to maintain a strategic distance from the concern before you’re seemingly out of the blue. Check out these five demonstrated examination tips and perceive how much better you feel during your next test. 1. Overview your course book or exercise manual before you read. Take two or three minutes to discover the glossary, record, study questions and other significant data. At that point, when you plunk down to contemplate, you’ll realize where to discover the appropriate responses you are searching for. Ensure you read any examination inquiries before you read the section. These inquiries let you recognize what you can likely expect in any up and coming tests, papers or undertakings. 2. Assault your course book with clingy notes. As you read, sum up (record the central matters in only a couple of sentences) each segment of the part on a post-it note. After you have perused the whole part and summed up each segment, return and survey the post-it notes. Perusing the post-it notes is a simple and proficient approach to audit data and, in light of the fact that each note is as of now in the segment it sums up, you can without much of a stretch discover the data you need. 3. Utilize a realistic coordinator to take notes when you read. A realistic coordinator is a structure you can use to sort out data. As you read, round out the structure with significant data. At that point, utilize your realistic coordinator to assist you with reading for the test. Have a go at utilizing the Cornell notes worksheet. Not exclusively does this coordinator let you record significant terms, thoughts, notes and rundowns, it additionally lets you test yourself on that data by collapsing the appropriate responses topsy turvy. 4. Make your own training test. After you complete the process of perusing, imagine you are a teacher who is composing a test for the section. Survey the material you simply read and make up your own training test. Incorporate all jargon words, study questions (they’re typically toward the start or end of the section), and featured words you can discover, just as some other data you believe is significant. Step through the exam you’ve made to check whether you recall the data. If not, return and study some more. 5. Make visual cheat sheets. Cheat sheets aren’t only for essential understudies. Numerous understudies discover them valuable too. Before you step through an examination, make cheat sheets that will assist you with recollecting significant terms, individuals, places and dates. Utilize one 3-by-5-inch list for each term. On the facade of the card, record the term or question you have to reply and draw an image that will assist you with recalling that it. This will help guarantee that you handle the investigation material as you’ll find that it’s practically difficult to portray something you don’t truly comprehend. On the rear of the card record the meaning of the term or the response to the inquiry. Survey these cards and test yourself before the real test.

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Masks Essay Example For Students

Veils Essay In PlaysThe veils of parody and disaster are just discernable by a grin or frown,happiness or pity, crucial. The equivalent is valid for Shakespearean plays. The comedies are known for their cheerful determinations, compromise of thecharacters, a defense of occasions, and life toward the end. On the other hand,the catastrophes are known for their hopeless decisions, demolition of thecharacters, an issue of why this needed to occur, and demise toward the end. Comediesmake us snicker, triumph in the human instinct of individuals, and grin. Unliketragedies that cause us to sob, question the human instinct of individuals, and grimace. AMidsummer Nights Dream is an offbeat, elegantly composed parody coordinating what Ihave depicted. Despite the fact that the darlings, Hermia and Lysander, experience difficulties throughoutthe play from a meddling bastardly sprite called Puck. They are reunitedat the end, acknowledged by her dad, and alive. Likewise, the other pair of lovers,Helena and Demetrius, who were not in affection in any case are joined at the endto structure an equal blending of the four principle characters. Here comes thelovers, load ed with delight and jollity. Euphoria, delicate companions, bliss and new long periods of affection. On the opposite side of the coin is The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. A story ofdoomed youthful darlings. The preface to the play portrays everything is aShakespearean piece: In reasonable Verona where we lay our scene, *From ancientgrudge break to new revolt, Where common blood makes common hands unclean. *Fromthe deadly flanks of these two enemies, A couple of star-crossd darlings take theirlife; Whose misadventurd devout topples Doth with their passing cover theirparents hardship. The frightful entry of their passing markd love, And thecontinuance of their folks rage, Which, yet by their childrens end,naught could evacuate, Is currently the two hours traffic of our stage; The which ifyou with tolerant ears join in, What here will miss, our drudge will endeavor tomend. *From the beginning of the play, we comprehend what the consummation will be demise. We are lead through a progression of deplorable condition and left at the endwith an appalling end, the passing of two youthful swee thearts, and no confidence in Loveconquers all. Our faith in human presence merit something is broken, andwe are left with all are rebuffed. There is no purpose behind the passings inRomeo and Juliet, other than an unjustified destiny. The finish of AMidsummer Nights Dream, is an insane, inventive support (not tomention the covering of certain asses) of the occasions that had occurred: If weshadows have annoyed, Think yet this, and everything is retouched. That you have butslumbered here While these dreams appeared. What's more, this feeble and inactive subject Nomore yielding however a fantasy, Gentles don't reprove. On the off chance that you excuse, we willmend. Furthermore, as I am a genuine Puck, If we have unmerited karma Now to scape theserpents tongue, We will offer some kind of reparation ere long; Else the Puck a liar called. So,good night unto all of you. Give me your hands, on the off chance that we be companions, And Robin shallrestore revises. It was every one of the a fantasy, or so puck says. Be that as it may, on the off chance that it were not adream, and the occasions took place in all actuality, at that point the pixie world will makeamends for all the difficulty they had caused. From the earliest starting point as far as possible of theplay, we are humored by Shakespeares mind, and tricky approach to trap us into thestory. Toward the end, our expectation and dreams are invigorated with a positive thinking thateverything will show up generally advantageous. Everything is comprehended; there are noquestions to inquire. A cheerful end confirming that affection, truth be told, does conquerall. As observed by the two plays: A midsummer Nights Dream and The disaster ofRomeo and Juliet the veil that covers the essence of the play is all in theconclusion and legitimization.

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The Soccer World And Others - Free Essay Example

U.S. Soccer, the governing body for the sport in America, pays the members of the mens and womens teams for international matches. The mens team earns higher wages in comparison to the womens team. A perfect example of this case is when the women only earned $2 million the summer of 2015 for winning the World Cup while the mens team earned $9 million without advancing past the round of 16 in the 2014 World Cup. Five of the womens players filed a federal complaint accusing the U.S. of discrimination of wages even with their revenue increase. The soccer world and others should care and be mindful of this because of the equal employment opportunities and the equal protection clause for both men and women. In the end, we are in search of equal opportunities for our future and for the little boys and girls who have dreams to succeed as well. U.S. Soccer may think they can get away with this because the majority of sports that pay their women players are always lower than the mens sports. There was a time where the womens national soccer team were making more than the mens team. There will always be a controversy within the wage difference between men and women. At some point, there should be a solution and an agreement on how much everyone makes. I wont settle for less than equal pay, Former National Womens Soccer Goalie Hope Solo, said with strong words fighting for equal pay as a professional womens soccer player. This has been a constant debate throughout time about the equal pay between men and women in the professional sports industry. Many women argue that they do just as much as men do in their field. From training camps to similar training periods and even equivalent working conditions. Throughout this paper, we will touch on some major factors as to why women should get paid the same amount as men do. To begin, throughout the duration of a soccer players career they go through many different levels before becoming a professional. They typically come up in the youth academy programs and then they move into high school level, from here they normally select a college to attend and they can opt out after their first year to enter the draft. From here, this is where we run into major issues with differentiating between both genders in this sport. Professional soccer players on the men side of things tend to make on average about $60,000, and they can see an upwards of up to $300,000 in wages per year. As for women soccer players they make on average about $30,000 and can get paid an upwards of $80,000 a year. Almost a $220,000 drop off and the question is why? Women prepare just as hard, and the demand of the head coaches for Women soccer player dont differ because of their gender. This is still an ongoing debate as to why women arent being paid the same as men. To continue on the requirements of both men and women, they both have a similar playing field as men do. They train on the same size field as men, play with the same size ball and even run training sessions that are just as long. So why is there such a gap in the pay for women soccer compared to men? Well, many argue that the fanbase of mens soccer game brings compared to that of a womens soccer game explains why there is a pay gap. For example, the last world cup for both men and women respectively both had a large number of viewers. During the Mens world cup final in 2014 over 3.2 billion viewers across the globe. As for the women they had over 40 million across the world. With the mens soccer final seeing such a difference in views across the world, this is the argument as to why there is a pay gap between both genders in the sport. On the other hand, U.S. women soccer is much more popular than that on the men side. In fact, the last Womens World Cup finals had over 23 million views across the U.S. This was the most watched soccer game for both mens and womens in history. So, holding the argument that women are just as equal to men in soccer especially in the U.S. is a valid point. So why are we so off on paying women? If they are playing under equivalent working conditions, whats stopping women from having more money. This argument has now been ongoing for decades, but when will we start to see changes in the current professional field of soccer? To continue, just to compare some numbers. In a research constructed by a business insider, they compared the annual pay based on 20 games between both men and women. If a mens soccer team lost all 20 games, they are expected to bring in at least $100,000 in pay, whereas if the womens team lost all 20 games, they bring in approximately $72,000. In addition, if each team were to win 10 games both on the Men and the Women side, the mens team would get a payout of up to $181, 660, whereas the Women would get up $85,500. This is almost a $100,000 in pay difference for achieving the exact same number of wins. Lastly, if each team were to hypothetically win all 20 games, the mens team payout would be up to $263,320, whereas, the women would get $99,000 if the accomplished the same. This is almost a $180,000 difference in pay according to a business insider. This means that even if the womens team went 20-0 and the mens team went 10-10, the men would still get paid almost twice as much as that of the womens team. This is why many professional women soccer athletes are infuriated with the current pay and inequality in between the two and demand equal compensation. Another huge compensation gap is the world cup bonuses. This is one of the most surprising numbers between the two and the difference is unimaginable. For instance, if a men team finished third in the world cup, they would receive $52.083 in bonuses, whereas if a women team finished in the same place, they would receive less than half of that at about $20,000. An even more remarkable number is if the mens team finished in second, they would be compensated for $260,417 according to business insider, whereas the women would receive just about $32,500 in bonuses. This is almost $230,000 more than that of women. The only difference between the two would be their gender. Lastly, a first-place finisher in the world cup would get over $390, 625 on the mens side, whereas the womens team would only get $75,000. Compared to the men, this is almost an offensive offer by FIFA when it comes to compensating their players for their work. This is not only an embarrassment for FIFA as an organization but for the sport and what they represent as a whole for the womens teams.

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Ethics on Nitendo - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 1 Words: 414 Downloads: 10 Date added: 2017/09/14 Category Advertising Essay Did you like this example? Nintendo has the opportunity to plan, organize, lead and control the way their games will be made on a yearly basis. When planning the types of software and accessories for the games each plan must be ran by the production company and the President of the Company to make sure that the right age group, ethics code and the graphics are made properly. Organization of the games and game system takes some time to get placed into the stores who all sell Nintendo products. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Ethics on Nitendo" essay for you Create order Ethics comes a long way between the outside stores and the in line stores such over seas like Japan or China who has a piece of the stock from the company. Ethics at Nintendo means that any employees who copy’s software products and sell the games or system he or she will become warned. After their first warning attempt there will be a second warning, and then a final written warning and then termination from the company. Ethics states that anyone who is doing good or bad, right or wrong needs more training on how to cooperate with others and the management team. Being able to work well with others and the customer’s is a must when in retail. Ethics is hard to come by in all business including Nintendo. The President and his Managers must come up with how their managers should lead teams and how they should control each situation. At Nintendo have different store levels, management levels. When defining Ethics we would have to define ethics with leading those are underneath managers should teach how to behave at a company when working in a business. As the managers take control he or she must understand that each employee has a different level of training when training with the code of ethics with Nintendo. However, being managers takes time and pride with the company to keep his or her team players in line. We believe Nintendo so far has a good way of handling Ethics when it comes to planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Nintendo must implement new rules and regulations on how ethics is brought to the table to handle customers and employees. Ethics is strong, when it comes to the business point of view. None the less, in consideration managers have to dedicate their time to help employees understand the company’s policy so that they will not make any mistakes while under the Ethics program when making the video grams or the systems.

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Essay on Whitmans Music as a Means of Expression

Whitmans Music as a Means of Expression In his verses, Walt Whitman eradicates divisions of individual entities while simultaneously celebrating their unique characteristics. All components of the universe are united in a metaphysical intercourse, and yet, are assigned very distinct qualities so as to keep their identities intact. Often times, Whitman demonstrates these conceptions through elements of song. â€Å"Walt Whitman caroled throughout his verse. For the Bard of Democracy, as America came to call our great poet, music was a central metaphor in his life and work, both as a mindset and as a practical reality.† (Hampson) His musical poetry lyrically encompasses themes of social equality. Whitman enterprises a communion of persons†¦show more content†¦Working in several diverse venues, including politics, allowed Whitman to adequately deliver an enthusiastically American voice in his work, stemming from an evident American consciousness. Whitman’s poetry is a result of observing the beginnings of industrialization in New York, which produced a ground-breaking manufacturing of not only machinery, but of thought. Whitman was a pioneer of this era; incorporating the modernity of the time to his works. â€Å"Whitman witnessed the rapid growth of the city and wanted to write a new kind of poetry in tune with mankinds new faith, hopeful expectations and energy of his days.† (Reynolds 34) He embraced the typical American mindset and applied it to his poetry to sufficiently represent a universal experience. Though Whitman is often the victim of accusations of homosexuality based on the controversial content of his poetry, his innovative themes and the revolutionary style in which they were delivered was not compromised. Many diverse characters manifested themselves in the voice of Whitman. Through his writing, he shrewdly offers an egalitarian approach to viewing society and the individuals that compose it. This revolutionary technique is an undeniable product of the rapidly growing economy and social environment that surrounded him. The approaching industries effected people of all varieties, which Whitman captured in his poetry. While embodying aShow MoreRelatedWhitman s Influence On Society And The Lives Of Authors And Artists Who Came After Him Essay2202 Words   |  9 Pagessociety tools to promote creative expression and the essence of democracy. However, Whitman’s methods had to be adopted over time to touch/bring attention to different social issues. Two authors who were able to branch off of Whitman’s works and ideas were Isadora Duncan and James Baldwin. By analyzing these two important characters of history, we will be able explore two different social issues in two different eras and how Duncan and Baldwin refined Whitman’s approach in order to make a statementRead MoreThe Father Of Free Verse By Walt Whitman2965 Words   |  12 Pagesjournalist o f all time. Mr. Whitman became famous for his form of writing poetry and the many different kinds of genres he would pick. Whitman’s oeuvre is considered some of the best of all time. No other author had ever used â€Å"free verse† when writing, which meant that the poetry had no rhyme and meter. He also possessed a profound sense of democracy. Whitman’s biggest and greatest piece he ever wrote was called Leaves of Grass. It was a series of collected poetry that Whitman spent most of hisRead More Whitman and Neruda as Grassroots Poets Essays1812 Words   |  8 Pagesa similarity of purpose between the two poets who employed different structural styles of writing. First and foremost, the term â€Å"grassroots† hinges on a sense of community. It implies a political motivation from the bottom up. Neruda’s and Whitman’s common search for identity, both on a personal and especially a larger scale, is closely tied to ideas of community. Through their writings these poets explored the meaning of being American (North and South), and managed to evoke a feeling of onenessRead MoreSex Sexuality in the Poetry of Walt Whitman3834 Words   |  16 Pagesdeeper insight into Walt Whitmans sexuality that is still a question on agenda. There are readers and critics who state that it is a shame to humble his poetry to this level, but I think that he was homosexual in his era the topic cannot be left untouched, because therefore this factor was very influential on his everyday life, thinking and hence on his poetry, too. His only volume, Leaves of Grass Ââ€" that was published several times Ââ€" was first published at in 1855 Whitmans expense. As it can beRead MoreWalts Whitmans Vision of America in Leaves of Grass17685 Words   |  71 PagesWalt Whitman’s vision of America in Leaves of Grass Valentine†©Abbet†© TRAVAIL†©DE†©MATURITE†© †© Sous†©la†©direction†©d’Anne†©Roland†Wurzburger†© Gymnase†©du†©Bugnon,†©Lausanne†© 2012†©  «I have sung the body and the soul, war and peace have I sung, and the songs of life and death, And the songs of birth, and shown that there are many births. I have offerd my style to every one, I have journeyd with confident step; While my pleasure is yet at the full I whisper So long! » Walt Whitman, So Long !, Deathbed editionRead MoreEssay on Jack Kerouacs On the Road and Allen Ginsbergs Howl3843 Words   |  16 Pagesdefine each other. The â€Å"pervasiveness of consent † therefore characterises the fifties, against which these Beat texts can be contrasted. Theodore Roszak’s 1969 article ‘The Making of a Counterculture,’ helps define beat ideology as â€Å"heightened self-expression and often a rejection of political and authoritative institutions†¦ a negative spirit of the times coupled with a specific lifestyle .† Both On the Road and Howl and their author’s lifestyles of their writers reflect this criterion, in idiomaticRead MorePoem Analysis: Allen Ginsbergs Howl2277 Words   |  9 Pagessensed this and communicated it in their medium of words. Poetry was on the rise in the countercultures of the 1950s America. Jazz was in full swing and was moving into variations including bop, a more abstract form of an alrea dy abstract form of music. The rhythms of jazz, the lifestyle of the jazz musicians, and the spirit of jazz invigorated and heavily influence Ginsbergs experiences, language, and style. This is a poem that is jazzy. It is a kind of jazz poem. It is a poem composed during theRead MoreEmily Dickinson : An American Poet Of The 19th Century1894 Words   |  8 Pagesof death. Even though, all three of these poems have the same theme, they all have different views of death. In Emily Dickinson’s death poems, no two poems have the same view of death. Some of Emily Dickinson’s poems have similarities with Walt Whitman’s poems. She has also contributed to the American Romantic movement. Emily Dickinson has a mastery of image and metaphor. She is â€Å"not the poet of unwavering statement† (Vanderslice 197). Engle states, â€Å"Dickinson’s ‘Because I Could Not Stop for Death’Read MoreDear Mama: Analysis of Rap Lyrics as Poetry2070 Words   |  8 Pages(p. 99). Whereas many rappers have exploited the hard and violent lifestyle to which they have been continuously exposed to in their music, often through the celebration of misogyny and violence, Shakurs Dear Mama (1995) not only pays tribute to his mother, but also to the countless mothers who have made sacrifices for their children. As Armstrong argues rap music is mostly free from metaphors, Shakurs lyrics can be taken to literally represent the environment in which Shakur grew up and how heRead MoreEssay on 103 American Literature Final Exam5447 Words   |  22 PagesEugene O’Neill’s theory that stage actors must feel themselves to be acting and living reality at the same time Since 1945 21. Which of the following best characterizes â€Å"Minimalism† as a movement in literary prose? (A) extremely short forms of prose expression, rarely longer than a paragraph (B) a form of romanticism committed to reviving interest and belief in folk magic and traditional occult practices from various regions of the United States (C) prose pieces focused on autobiographical confession

Information Communication Technology (ICT) Application in Airbnb

Question: Use organization AirBnB, Research and report on their deployment of ICT in a managerial capacity and identify the business case for that deployment. Describe how the use of information communication technology can impact business models and the direction of the organization? Answer: Introduction: Airbnb came was founded in year 2008 for the purpose of rent out lodging facility. At present the company has its presence over 192 countries around the world. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Applying ICT in Airbnb: A. ICT application in managerial capacity: ICT or Information and Communication Technology is the key to the operation and functioning of the Airbnb. It has proved to bring huge success for the company in just five years of its inception. Through the application of Information and Communication the company has place a platform which is more like a social website that allows guests and hosts to interact on lodging facility. That is the web portal and recently added mobile application allows the guests to enquire about the lodging facility. In return the host would offer details along with images, videos and price for stay using the online service portal. The web portal therefore offers a secure lodging facility for the guest with the already registered host along with the customer reviews. On the other hand the interest of the host is also taken care of by offering them 24 hour customer support system so that the miscreants guests can be dealt with immediate effect. B. The use of information communication technology impact on business models: The use of information communication technology can impact business models by bringing in action the new idea of dealing with the clients and making profits thereafter from the business deals. The business models that have come into existence with the information communication technology in action for Airbnb include the followings. Bricks and clicks business: The application of bricks and click business model has been developed through the information communication technology as the services of selecting and booking a lodging facility is done online and the guests have to take the advantage of the facility by physically moving to that place. Franchisee business: The company has opened its franchisee business in various countries through which the business portal in different countries help them manage for the lodging facility through the local entrepreneurs. Fee in, Free out business model: Airbnb charges the hosts of around 6%-12% of the commission from their earnings. This way they offer fee in service from the hosts and free out service for the guests. C. Applying information technology to leverage information: The application of information technology to leverage information has resulted in enhancing business competitiveness. The companys policy of sharing the host information with the guest and vice versa has resulted in bringing out more acceptance between the two parties but it has resulted in increasing issues and problems for the company itself. The company has to face various charges of guests making burglary in hosts place. On the other hand the hosts are not giving the appropriate response or promised service or logistics facility to the guest. The result is that this platform of lodging has been facing serious competition from various other websites such as craigslist, local mind and others which suggest their different logistics places. Although the advancement in the technology has resulted in the rise of this business the same has created close competitors for it. This has led the company to move on active growth plan through which it is making its new office in different place s around the world including Australia, Europe, North America and now planning to enter Asian markets. Thus the global level operations have become the key for the sustenance of this business which is completely dependent on information communication technology. At present the company is getting 75% of its earning from outside United States which is a good example of the ICT strategy and application in practice. D. Synthesizing an Enterprise Information System has to offer: An Enterprise Information System applied in Airbnb has to offer a more thorough platform in the operation in following ways. Increasing centralized functioning: Through online medium and 24 hour support system, Airbnb is able to increase its centralized functioning through which the global guests can interact with global hosts for lodging facility. The mobile application which supports chart and image sharing has helped in bringing the two parties closer. Also the back support system available round the clock also helps in assisting the customer in entering in business deals. Achieving high quality performance: The improved website functions and mobile applications through Android and IOS the company has been able to reach closer to its customers. Thus the 24 hour customer support system helps the company to achieve customer satisfaction. Also the sharing image facility and the customer reviews on various lodging places helps in offering high quality performance to the guest search for lodging facility. Fulfilling large organizational needs: The organizational needs of growing is been achieved through the Enterprise Information System in application. It has helped the large organizations to enter into partnership and join ventures with global hosts so that the global guests can be provided with a proper lodging facility. E. Diagnosis of organizational issues and application of strategies by Airbnb: The various organizational issues that the Airbnb is facing in the present day context include the followings. Guests making burglary and loss of property. Hosts not dealing well with the guests. The guests are not leaving the place of hosts for many days. Indecent acts taking place under cover of offering lodging facility. However the appropriate strategies are being applied to get the required outcomes which include the followings. Government issued identity cards are made a must during deal finalization and even travelling. Airbnb suggests the hosts to buy traveller insurance to safeguard their interest from losses during to guests. Airbnb provides 24 hour support to both guests and hosts. The company offers loss assistance to the hosts. Conclusion: In the end, Airbnb has been making a consistent growth and development in business from past five years. The company has been able to achieve the unexpected growth targets which have helped it develop in 192 countries around the world. Information Communication Technology has played a vital role in the whole business process by providing a social platform for the guest and hosts for interacting on lodging facilities. Bibliography AIRBNB, 2015. About us. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 11 February 2015]. CommunityLegalInformationCentre, 2014. What are the basic requirements for making a valid contract? [Online] Available at: [Accessed 1 December 2014]. Flores Mynra, 2006. Towards a Taxanomy for Networking Models for Innovation. IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, A Network-Centric Collaboration and Supporting Frameworks, 224, pp.55-66. Gregory, R., Prifling, M. Beck, R., 2009. The role of cultural intelligence for the emergence of negotiated culture in IT offshore outsourcing projects. Information Technology and People, 22(3), pp.223-41. Laudon, K.C. Laudon, J.P., 2009. Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm. 11th ed. Prentice Hall/CourseSmart. McAfee, A., 2002. The impact of enterprise information technology adoption on operational performance: an empirical investigation. Production and Operations Management., 11(1), pp.33-53.